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National Environmental Short Film Competition

To raise awareness about important environmental issues, and provide students an exclusive opportunity to showcase their creativity and storytelling skills, ParteGuelfa and Indywood are organizing a National Environmental short film competition.

Participants will be encouraged to create short films focusing on environmental issues and potential solutions to these problems. Shortfilms will be judged by a panel of experts and winners will be awarded exciting prizes, recognition, and the opportunity to have their films screened at film festivals organized by Indywood.

About ParteGuelfa

ParteGuelfa is a knighthood and brotherhood dedicated to environmental preservation since 1549 AD. ParteGuelfa was established in 1266 AD by Knights of Florence to set Florence and Italy free from the empire of Hohenstaufen family and received approval as ordered by the French Pope Clement IV who was the main European authority in the middle age confirming the privileges of kingdoms and institutions. ParteGuelfa never depended on the Church of Rome and has always been independent keeping since the very beginning its complete decisional autonomy in admitting new members and making its rules and policy. The Guelph part is concerned with environmental protection and the knighthood is recognized as the protector of the World Environment.

About Indywood

To revive and bring together the Indian Film Community under one single arena and tap this billion-dollar potential, Project Indywood was envisaged by Sir Sohan Roy. Our vision is to become a global melting pot of cultures for integrating India’s fragmented industry to elevate it above its peers you the world. Indywood started its remarkable journey with its flagship events, the All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) and Indywood Film Market (IFM) in 2015 at Cochin. The event grew to become the ULTIMATE FILM CARNIVAL OF THE WORLD world's largest film carnival in 2016 and subsequently in 2017. Since its inception, Indywood has become a representative platform for showcasing the entire gamut of cinema making, ranging from pre-production to skill development, production, technical support, postproduction, distribution, marketing, and release, among others. .

About Environment Club

Indywood Environmental Club will be started at various schools, universities, and colleges across the country. The club will engage students in organizing events and campaigns and raise awareness on environmental issues. Our core focus would be on topics such as climate change, conservation, and pollution prevention. We shall also collaborate with various environmental organizations to promote environmental causes. Our goal is to engage people in taking action to protect the environment and promote a more sustainable future.

Our Aim

  • To conduct Separate Competitions will be organized for Colleges & Schools
  • To encourage participation from Colleges and Schools with Film Club and Environment Club
  • To ensure Film Clubs have a Movie Screening Facility
  • To have a screening of at least one Environmental Movie, Documentary, or Short Film by the Film Club for all students on campus every month
  • To conduct at least one Environmental Protection activity will be conducted every year by the club preferably on World Environmental day
  • To have Environment Protection Brand Ambassador for Each College/School
  • To conduct an Environment Protector Award Function on the Campus/State/National Levels for Students, Teachers, and Professionals
  • To conduct National & State Environment Awards for Educational Institutes, Corporates NGOs, and Govt bodies
  • To select the best Performer as an Environmentalist in the Nation as a ‘Knight’
  • To Effectively Utilize Government and Corporate funds for Environment Protection
  • To organize events and campaigns to raise awareness about environmental issues
  • To conduct various events and engage students activities like beach cleanups, tree plantings, and other community service projects