The 10 Billion US Dollar PROJECT INDYWOOD Indywood Targets


Project Indywood seeks to unite the fragmented Indian regional film under one umbrella, INDYWOOD.

India ranks top in terms of theatrical admissions and the number of films produced every year. But the Indian film industry lags behind in terms of revenue generation and achieving global recognition. This is due to the fragmentation of the film industry on the basis of language and geographical barriers within the country.

Conceptualized by Sohan Roy, a globally acclaimed film director, producer, exhibitor, writer and project designer, Indywood envisages revolutionary changes in production, screening and marketing strategies, as well as a new outlook to the business model of Indian cinema.

A proven leader credited with pioneering innovations in the Maritime, Medical, Movie and Media industries, Sohan Roy’s vision for the successful completion of the project is expected to elevate India as a global hub of the film industry.


As part of the $10 billion Indywood Project’s mission, new avenues of marketing for Indian cinema will be explored, by strengthening local and overseas distribution channels. The promotion and sale of regional content in the international market, exchange of local technologies and manpower, global networking of major production houses and collaborative ventures making use of local talents, are some of the key aspects of the project.

To initiate $ 10 Billion investments in the Indian film industry by a consortium of 2000 Corporate Firms & NRI Investors over 5 years.

To set up 10,000 4K Projection Multiplexes, 100,000 2K Projection Home Cinemas, Film Studios, Animation/VFX studios and Film Schools, conforming to international standards.

To set up the biggest Film Carnival in the World with events including Film Festival, Film Market, Red Carpet Events, Awards, Entertainment, Theme Park, Talent Hunt, Celebrity Sports, Conferences, Panel Discussions, Networking Parties and Investor Meets.

To promote the concept of Film Tourism by bringing in international film projects, industrial delegates and tourists to India

To have the World’s largest Film Festival, Film Market, Talent Hunt & International Award functions held in India within 5 years

To form ‘World Film Society’, an Indian based organisation, as the integration hub of the world film industry and its associations

To launch international co-Production Projects from India using Indian talent, with an aim to attract foreign investment into India

To create 100,000 job opportunities in the Animation, VFX, 2D-3D Conversion, VR & AR fields

To establish copyright protection and anti-piracy measures in India to support the film and music industry

To introduce the concept of CSR movies in India for the purpose of supporting debutant directors & producers.

To have the world’s largest Film School, Animation School & Media School in India within 5 years

To introduce latest technologies while promoting research & development in film industry equipment manufacturing and consumables, as part of ‘Make in India’ policy

A one of its kind carnival for Indian cinema

Indywood Film Carnival 2018 (IVth Edition) - The Ultimate Film Carnival of the world

The flagship event of Project Indywood, The Indywood Film Carnival, shall return with its fourth edition from December 1- 5, 2018. The carnival will consist major events including - All Lights India International Film Festival, Indywood Film Market, Indywood Talent Hunt, Investors Meet and the Indywood Excellence Awards.

The event will be attended by over 15,000 people including 5,000 industry delegates from over 100 countries, and is expected to trigger revolutionary changes in the cinema industry worldwide.